Roasters Specialty Coffee

The choice from most cafés and so called specialist high street chains seems to revolve round the usual espresso, cappuccino and lattes with the addition of a few syrups or a hand full of marshmallow. A selection of a few beans which try to cover the spectrum of the coffee lovers' pallet. At Roasters we believe the customer deserves more.

Of course we have the usual suspects but here at Roasters, we believe with all the fantastic coffees available you should have more choice. Granted we could never hope to stock everything, so have in conjunction with our master roasters we have selected a cross section of some of the most exquisite beans on offer today. Here are some of the wonderful single origin and blends we feel will give you our customers pleasure.

Freshly Ground Beans

Single serving freshly ground and brewed via press pot.

Organic Brazilian Camocin
Nuttiness and hints of spice. Dark chocolate and a thick gloopy consistency.
Organic Brazilian Terazina
A medium bodied and smooth flavoured coffee, dark roasted with subtle hints of chocolate flavour.
Celebres Tojas Kalosi
A full on earthy Indonesian coffee with an awesome caffeine kick and creamy aftertaste.
Columbian Mirador Lizcano Cup of Excellence
A fruit acidity of apricot and citrus rind with a rich aftertaste and thick, smooth body.
Columbian Tolima Decaff
Superb example of a great decaff, great caramel sweetness, well balanced and caffeine free.
Costa Rica Cup of Excellence
Complex with lots of body, cut through milk for cappuccinos and lattes.
Cuba Lavardo
Big sweetness with chocolate and just a hint of spice.
El Salvador Alaska Cup of Excellence
Sweet and smooth with buttery caramel that's stunning in espresso.
Ethiopian Yirgachefffe
Superb clean tasting coffee with hints of apricot and fruits. Flavours develop as the cup cools.
Organic Guatemalan Rios
Well balanced with a hint of spice. Aromatic and warm, a stunning favourite this season.
Indian Peaberry Bold
Intense flavours, full on with nutty boldness and musky tobacco overtones.
Java Blawan
This thick bodied, earthy, honesty cup is a world best seller.
Monsoon Malabar
Musty and robust flavour with mellow overtones. Sweetened by warm monsoon season winds.
Nicaraguan El Limoncillo
Toffee apple, caramel then a juiciness of green apple acidity.